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  • HRAssistant Lite  1)   HRAssistant Lite 2.46
    HRAssistant is a Human Resource Management System for today's managers and human resource professionals who need an easy way to store, retrieve, and safeguard employee information.

  • IntelliRoster Lite  2)   IntelliRoster Lite 2.0
    IntelliRoster Lite enables you to quickly and easily create employee schedules. With IntelliRoster Lite you can; schedule assignments, vacation, track sickness, and much more. Print schedules in a variety of reports or publish to the Web.

  • Oriador Staff Rota  3)   Oriador Staff Rota 1.1
    Oriador Rota is a staff scheduling and rostering package. Oriador Rota will help you produce and distribute your employee shift schedule, whether your requirements are simple or complex.

  • Succession Wizard  4)   Succession Wizard 2.3
    The primary purpose of Succession Wizard is to simplify the whole succession planning process and to act as a tool to identify potential succession gaps within organizations.

  • Resume Manager  5)   Resume Manager 2.02
    Resume Manager is recruiting management software developed for corporate recruiters

  • IntelliRoster Professional  6)   IntelliRoster Professional v. 2.0
    IntelliRoster Pro features a HR Personnel Manager, unique-rule based designs, and advanced reporting that delivers a powerful workforce management solution - right to your desktop

    Pre-employment personality profiling software for Employers, Recruiters, HR Professionals & Team Builders. Generate in depth personality profiles of job applicants. It's quick, cost effective, and easy to use.

  • Job Listing / Recruitment Site Script  8)   Job Listing / Recruitment Site Script 1.1
    Job Listing / Recruitment software make possible to start online service for employers and competitors. By accessing categories competitors could browse through listings and apply for interesting vacancies. PRO version is also available

  • Resume Manager Pro  9)   Resume Manager Pro 3.0
    Find a perfect employee automatically among thousands of applications in a matter of minutes! Save hours of hand work by automating resume processing and management and run complex searches to find an ideal candidate for a specific position.

  • Schedule24 Professional  10)   Schedule24 Professional 3.6.12
    Schedule24 Professional is the leading easy to use staff scheduling software for creating and automating staff schedules. Create fixed and rotating shifts. Manage assignments, unavailability, breaks, memos and budgets. Publish to schedule to the Web.

  • Profile  11)   Profile 1.5
    Profile is a Personnel Management System designed for the storage and reporting of information relating to employees, club members, students or any similar organisation.

  • Employees of company  12)   Employees of company 2.6.6
    Program for the expanded account of characteristics of employees. Employee profile with the expanded personal and professional account.


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